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Power of Bumukins +Father and Daughter+ by iSapphirus Power of Bumukins +Father and Daughter+ by iSapphirus
A father and his hybrid daughter sharing a moment I drew, and I was super lazy finishing it. At first i hated how i shaded it the first time so I restarted it.

(Slightly short story maybe? I'm not good with stories so it might suck ass)

Jurku was a feared and powerful and rare breed of dragon, due to his markings and power of creating gold and treasure, even diamonds and gems. His species was called a Bumukin Dragon, he assumed he was the last of his kind because he sure as hell didn see anymore dragons of his kind. His kind had been hunted for centuries due to their valuable powers. Their homes was always decorated in gold and other treasures. They're mainly crafters, but they could breath the elements fire and water also. Came in handy for their abilities and protection. Scales was as hard as diamond, which is what made them more glorious than other species of dragons. People would journey many times to hunt him down for his power but he taught himself some rare magic, being labeled a trickster as well, always getting his enemies lost in forests, creating illusions. Usually it takes special magic to kill them, which itself was a job to master.

Mallisa, a female who always came around his area was a lady of non greed and a brave huntress. She lived in a village a long distance away from his home. She would always venture out and forage for food in his territory for fruits and vegetables, also hunting deer and fish. She was a long brunette woman, hair in a ponytail all the time so it wouldn't get in the way, curly as ever. She was around the age of 30. Him being like over 2000 years old, looking about 30-35.

Jurku had the power to transform into a humanoid dragon (Human looking guy with horns coming from his head and a dragon tail, wings were hidden), as the Bumukin studied her more as the days went, he slowly started to have feelings for her, he would quietly follow her around during her adventures. He even saved her from a pack of wolves and sometimes bears, turning into a dragon infront of her to protect her, of course it scared her at first too but due to seeing a lot of wild creatures during her travels, it didn't last. She didn't try to attack him realizing he was a caring beast. They would travel with eachother, hunting and having fun, he changed into his humanoid form when they were around others. World being share with other races besides humans. He was one of a kind though, so he got some looks from people, but he didn't really pay attention. Aslong as he was with her, nothing mattered.

 They soon realized they both felt the same for eachother, getting married, and soon after Mallisa was pregnant with their daughter. He of course always hunting for her and letting her relax in his lair. She was grouchy and moody but in the end, she knew he was keeping her safe, and he didn't take it seriously when she yelled at him at times.
Nine months later, she was ready to give birth to their daughter Lunarra, Mallisa went through some complications, which caused her to passed away, not because of the interbreeding but because she was carrying a lot of power within her womb which a human couldn't handle of her delicacy, they wasn't aware of those consequences either, love was too powerful. Jurku had to bury his wife nearby his lair, mourning of her death for months, at the same time raising his daughter. The Village her mother lived in weren't aware of the tragic situation since Malissa told them she was moving away, instead of telling them she married a dragon.
Lunarra was born a humanoid, but she had the abilities to transform into a dragon like her father, he trained her to fight, and create her own treasures, she grew to love shiny objects and creating them soon on her own after a good amount of training. She also created her own armor also. She was Daddy's little girl, and no wonder, she's all he have as family, and he's all she had that could understand her.

Her next lesson? Creating a diamond ball like him. One of the most challenging tasks of a Amatuer Bumukin Dragon.
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July 13, 2015
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